how to keep your dog calm during fireworks how to keep your dog calm during fireworks

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks on Diwali

Fireworks can be very scary, so it’s important to find ways to make your dog more comfortable. There are many different ways to do this. Some of them include Flower essences, Anxiety medication, and Pheromone diffusers. Other things you can do are timed potty breaks, go for long hikes, and spend time with your dog’s friends during the day.


Table of Contents

  • Flower essences
  • Anxiety medication
  • Pheromone diffusers
  • Timed potty breaks
  • Securely locked doors
  • Getting your dog to associate fireworks with playtime


Flower essences

Fireworks can be scary for dogs, so flower essences can help keep your dog calm during a display. Flower essences are dilute tinctures derived from flowers that work on a vibrational principle. The soothing properties of these essences can benefit both your dog and your family.


Flower essences can be administered directly to your dog’s mouth or added to their food. They are completely safe and do not have any side effects. They are sedative-free, and can be given to your dog on demand. One of the most popular blends contains Impatiens, Cherry Plum, and Star of Bethlehem. You can buy it at any health store.


flower essence for dogs


Anxiety medication

If your dog is frightened of fireworks, a medication to calm their fears can help. There are several over-the-counter medications for anxiety that can help a dog stay calm during fireworks. Some medications are more effective than others. Some can be effective in relieving anxiety in dogs and others can only be used on dogs that are particularly sensitive to fireworks.


Using anxiety medication to calm your dog is usually only a last resort. It should be used only in the right dosage and with the advice of a vet. You should also monitor the kidney and liver functions of your dog to ensure that it is safe for them to take these drugs. If your dog has kidney or liver problems, or if they are having seizures, they should not be given any anxiety medication. If you cannot find a reliable medication for your dog, try natural remedies to soothe your dog’s anxiety. It is also a good idea to stay home with your dog during big firework holidays.


Pheromone diffusers

If you are concerned about the loud noises from fireworks, consider calming your dog with a pheromone diffuser. Many manufacturers have calming products that plug into the wall and release pheromones into the air. The calming pheromones will help your dog feel safer and more comfortable in the new situation.


Another option is calming music. Dogs also pick up on non-verbal body language and can sense if you are stressed. Keeping a calm atmosphere by giving your dog extra play time is also an option.


dog diffuser


Timed potty breaks

One of the best ways to keep dog calm during fireworks is to schedule regular potty breaks throughout the night. Make sure to take your dog out before sunset, and take him out again when the fireworks have finished. If you’re not sure when the fireworks will start, check your local media to find out when they’ll be held. If you’re unable to supervise your dog while the fireworks are going off, schedule potty breaks around the loudest times of the night.


Fireworks can be a scary experience for dogs. They have no idea what’s going on around them. The holiday is supposed to be fun, and the fireworks will be over by midnight, but dogs don’t have this ability, so you must find ways to soothe their fears and keep them calm.


Securely locked doors

When watching fireworks with your dog, it is important to secure the environment. Keep doors closed, including the doggie door. It is best to keep your dog inside, but if that isn’t possible, consider locking the door to the dog run. You can also check to make sure your outdoor fence is secure. Make sure there are no holes or missing posts.


You can also use thick covers to partially cover pet tanks and cages. These can keep out loud noises and muffle the sounds of fireworks. However, these covers should still allow air to circulate so your pet can see and smell everything around it. Fireworks can make pets panic and try to escape. It is essential to secure your dog before the display to keep him calm.


Securely locked doors


Getting your dog to associate fireworks with playtime

You can train your dog to associate the sound of fireworks with playtime by using treats and toys. You can play the fireworks audio at a volume that your dog finds comfortable. Then, reward your pet with high-value treats and playtime. By the time the fireworks are over, your dog will be accustomed to the sound and have a more positive association with it.


Fireworks are scary for dogs, so it’s important to prepare them for the experience before the actual show. Close the windows to minimize the sound and prepare your dog’s den. Before the fireworks start, bring out your dog’s favorite toy and try to entice him to play with it. Do this slowly, without forcing him to play. Changing directions will help your dog associate fireworks with playtime.


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