Dr.Goel's GOHEAL SPRAY for pets 60ml

Dr.Goel's GOHEAL SPRAY for pets 60ml

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Dr. Goel

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Introducing Dr. Goel's Goheal Spray, a reliable and effective solution that can be used with confidence for animal wounds and more. The spray is made for external use and can be used for scrapes that occur due to rough play, a burn, or even foot and mouth disease.


Crafted with care, it contains a blend of powerful ingredients including Calendula officinalis, Echinacea, Angustifolia Hypericum, Perforatum ledum, and Palustre, all of which are known for their healing properties.


What sets Goheal Spray apart? The spray is not just for wounds but can also be used for mouth ulcers and sensitive cuts or burns. The best part of the spray is that it acts fast, swiftly stopping bleeding and kickstarting the healing process. So, why wait? Keep Dr. Goel's Goheal Spray on hand for those unexpected moments when your furry friend needs a little extra care. After all, a happy, healthy pet is a joy for life!

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Dr. Goel’s Goheal Spray for Pets in 60 ml is an ideal solution to quickly heal your pet’s wounds or scrapes. Goheal Spray is designed only for external use, and pet parents can use this solution to treat wounds that are caused due to burns, injuries, and other external injuries that often harm your pet’s skin.


Goheal Spray is made using a unique blend of homeopathy medicines like Palustre, Echinacea, and more. These ingredients are chosen for their remarkable wound-healing properties, working together to swiftly alleviate pain and inflammation while promoting speedy recovery of the affected area. The Goheal Spray can be called a multi-functional product. The Goheal Spray is perfect for treating wounds on sensitive areas like the mouth, our spray is gentle and it is non-irritating at the same time. This makes it particularly effective for mouth ulcers, cuts, and burns, providing relief to your furry friend where they need it most.


With its fast-acting formula, the Goheal Spray swiftly stops bleeding and initiates the healing process, offering comfort to your beloved pet. Suitable for use on various animals including horses, dogs, cats, and other domestic pets, it is a versatile solution for all your pet's needs.


Administration Method

To administer, ensure the affected area or wound is sufficiently covered with Goheal Spray. Maintain a distance of approximately 10 cm and hold the spray bottle in a vertical position for optimal dispersion. For faster relief, avoid increasing the dose; instead, reduce the time intervals between successive administrations for best results.


Experience the power of Dr. Goel’s Goheal Spray, your trusted companion in caring for your pet's injuries. Order one for your pet today.

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