Stomach- Soothing Chicken & Pumpkin

Stomach- Soothing Chicken & Pumpkin

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The stomach-soothing chicken and pumpkin pet food from Doglicious uses organic shredded chicken that is simmered with pumpkin and comes along with well-made brown rice cooked in chicken broth. The meal has no preservatives and is freshly prepared. Our meals are nutritious and are made using fresh and pet-safe ingredients. It has the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, calcium, and other essential nutrients that are needed to keep your furry baby healthy. Bid goodbye to preservative-filled foods and order one nutritious and delicious meal from Doglicious today.


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Introducing a wholesome chicken and pumpkin meal for your furry friends. Try the freshly made, preservative-free organic chicken and pumpkin meal from Doglicious and add variety and nutrition to your pet dog's diet. Our meal is vet-approved and is made using fresh and quality ingredients like organic chicken, pumpkin, and egg whites. Brown rice is cooked in savoury chicken broth to perfection. This nutritious meal is not about satisfying your pet's taste buds, but it is about providing a balanced and wholesome diet that promotes their overall well-being.


Our organic chicken and pumpkin meal is made using the finest organic ingredients, all of which are combined in the right proportions. By doing so we are creating a meal that not just tastes great but also supports the health of your pet. Our organic chicken is shredded and combined with egg white, simmered pumpkin, and brown rice cooked in chicken broth, ensuring a protein-packed, fiber-rich, and nutrient-dense meal.


Our recipe is carefully formulated to provide the optimal balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, and essential nutrients necessary to keep your furry baby healthy and thriving. We have selected each ingredient with utmost care to also ensure that the meal provides your pet with the needed nutrition. Rest assured, our Organic Chicken and Pumpkin Meal is nutritionist-approved, meaning it meets the highest standards of canine nutrition. We care for the well-being of your pet, and our meal reflects that commitment to excellence.


Your furry baby deserves nothing but the best, and our Organic Chicken and Pumpkin Meal delivers both nutrition and flavour. The savoury combination of organic chicken, pumpkin, and brown rice will have your pup eagerly anticipating mealtime, while you can take comfort in knowing you are providing them with a wholesome and balanced diet. Fresh food, when prepared with the right ingredients and processed correctly, can significantly enhance your dog's digestion and overall health. By avoiding preservatives and chemical additives commonly found in commercial dog food, our meal reduces the risk of overloading your dog's renal health and other internal systems.


Join other pet owners who switched to fresh, nutrient-rich meals for their beloved dogs. Our Organic Chicken and Pumpkin Meal offers the perfect combination of taste and nutrition, ensuring your furry companion enjoys every bite while reaping the benefits of a balanced and wholesome diet. Treat your pet to a meal they will for sure love and that will love them back. Order today!

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