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Introducing Me & My Iron Granules for Pets, which are specially made to tackle anemia in your furry friends. If your pet is feeling low, experiencing digestion issues, or showing signs like dull skin and coat, these granules are the ideal solution. Formulated by Goel Vet Pharma Private Limited, a trusted name in pet supplements, these granules are produced in FSSAI-certified facilities to ensure top-notch quality and hygiene. The granules are quite effective and very easy to use as well.


Many veterinarians across India recommend these granules for their proven results. Pet parents have also embraced them with confidence, witnessing the positive impact on their beloved companions' health. Me & My Iron Granules for Pets are here to provide the support they need, whether it's recovering from small injuries, boosting energy levels, or improving overall well-being. Trust Me & My Iron Granules and keep your pet free from anemia.

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Try out the most effective and most reliable Me & My Iron Pet Supplement from Dr. Goel’s, now available on Pawrulz. The supplement helps improve the overall health of your pet dogs or cats by providing them with the needed minerals in the right quantity. The iron supplement is now available in granular form and can be given to both dogs and cats.


The pet iron supplement is made by experts in animal nutrition and it is a result of extensive research, trials, and experience. Making this supplement is not just about adding natural ingredients to it, but it is about adding them in the right quantity to meet the unique needs of your pets. We too understand that when it comes to the health of the pets, we only believe in the best.


The supplement is loved by vets as well as pet parents as it does not just fill the gap in their diet, but it also helps improve their energy levels, thus improving their quality of life. Pets that receive the right nutrients are more likely to enjoy better mobility, higher energy levels, and a robust immune system.


The Me & My Iron supplement from Dr. Goel is a simple iron supplement that is healthy and gets absorbed by your pet’s body quite easily. Due to this, the supplement provides an instant boost of energy keeping your pet happy and active throughout the day.  As the medicine is available in granular form it can be given to your pet with ease. If your pet is feeling tired lately and not its usual active self, make sure to try the Me & My Iron supplement and witness the changes. You can now place an order easily via Pawrulz and have it delivered to your doorstep. Order now!

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