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Introducing Laddoo’s Cakery Peanut Butter, the ultimate treat your beloved pet deserves! Made with premium quality peanuts roasted to perfection, our Peanut Butter is a deliciously nutritious snack that will make tails wag with joy.


Crafted specifically for pets, our Peanut Butter is adored by dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. What sets us apart? Our Peanut Butter is free from preservatives and sugar, ensuring it is not just tasty but also safe for your furry friend’s tummy.


At Laddoo’s Cakery, we understand the importance of keeping pets healthy and happy, which is why we use only the finest, pet-friendly ingredients in all our products. Each jar of Peanut Butter is made with love and attention to detail, reflecting the care we have for your pet's well-being.

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Your search for a nutritious and yummy treat for your pet ends here. Well, it is time you try our Peanut Butter, a yummy treat your furry friend will wag their tail for! Our peanut butter is made just for pets and is loved by dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. What else, our peanut butter is packed with deliciousness, and is made with a lot of love.

If you are wondering what makes our Peanut Butter special, it is free from preservatives and it is safe for your furry friend. And guess what? Peanut Paws Peanut Butter is also sugar-free! That is right, no added sugars that can upset your pet's tummy. We know how important it is to keep our furry pals healthy and happy, so we made sure to skip the sugar.

All our pet products are made using premium quality and pet-friendly ingredients. We have ensured that our peanut butter has premium quality peanuts, which are roasted to perfection, giving them the best flavor, your pets would love. We at Laddoo’s Cakery understand the love you have for your pet and hence take utmost care when making a treat for them.

Peanut Butter is not just any ordinary peanut butter, it is specially formulated for pets. That means it is safe and delicious for your little pet to enjoy. Whether they like to lick it off a spoon, spread it on a treat, or even use it in a puzzle toy, our Peanut Butter is sure to be a hit!

And here is the best part! When you treat your pet to our peanut butter, you are not just giving them a tasty snack, you are also showing them some love. Our peanut butter is made with care and attention to detail because we know how much your pet means to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat your pet to the delicious taste of Laddoos Cakery Peanut Butter today! Our peanut butter will surely be loved by both dogs and cats irrespective of their size and age. As these do not have any preservatives or extra sugars, you can give your pet a snack that is both tasty and healthy.

So do not wait anymore! Order a jar of peanut butter from Laddoo’s Cakery today and see how the tail of your pet starts wagging.

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