Dr.Goel's UTEROMATE for pets 30ml

Dr.Goel's UTEROMATE for pets 30ml

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Dr. Goel’s Uteromate Drops for Pets is an effective solution for addressing uterine troubles in female pets. The homeopathic veterinary medicine, Uteromate Drops for Pets is meticulously formulated to rebalance hormones and tackle various uterine conditions, ensuring the well-being of your beloved female pets.


Uteromate for Pets is a superior remedy, as it stimulates the pituitary gland to regulate hormonal activity. From managing hormonal imbalances to addressing complications during delivery, including habitual abortion, retention of placenta, metritis, and pyometra, Uteromate Drops for Pets offers comprehensive support. Uteromate Drops for Pets is an over-the-counter solution, and it works naturally without any adverse side effects, drug interactions, or contraindications. Order today!

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Introducing Dr. Goel’s Uteromate Drops for Pets, the ultimate homeopathic remedy for addressing uterine troubles in female pets. This remarkable solution offers a natural and safe alternative to traditional medications, providing pet owners with a reliable treatment option without the worry of side effects or contraindications. Pet owners can also use these drops directly on the tongue of their pets for immediate relief.


Formulated with a potent blend of homeopathic remedies derived from natural substances, Dr. Goel’s Uteromate Drops for Pets contains key ingredients such as Ustilago maydis, Secale cornutum, Sabina, Cinchona officinalis, Caulophyllum thalictroides, Sepia, and Rhus Toxicodendron. All of these potent medicines work together and stimulate the pituitary gland, thus regulating the hormones in your female pets.


When it comes to dosage and administration, Dr. Goel’s Uteromate Drops offers flexibility to suit pets of different sizes and needs. For pups and kittens, a dosage of 5-10 drops is recommended three times daily (TDS). Cats may benefit from 10-15 drops TDS, while small breed dogs can take 15-20 drops TDS and large breed dogs 20-25 drops TDS, or as directed by a veterinarian. The course of treatment typically spans 10-15 days, although this may vary based on the severity of the conditions, with the option to repeat the course if necessary.


Administering Dr. Goel’s Uteromate Drops for Pets is simple and straightforward, with three convenient application methods. As mentioned earlier, the drops can be added to the tongue of your pet directly. Alternatively, it can be introduced along with simple pet food such as bread or plain rice, ensuring the consumption of both food and medication. The drops can also be mixed with water and given to the pet using a needleless 5 mL syringe.


Ensure your female pet’s well-being by ordering Uteromate Drops today!

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