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Introducing Laddoo's Cakery's Chicken Feet – the ultimate treat for your furry best friend! These chewy delights are not just yummy but also very healthy for your pet. Made with premium chicken feet that are packed with natural goodness, these treats are perfect for keeping your pet happy and satisfied.


Our Chicken Feet are a safe and delicious option and can be given to pets with allergies or food sensitivities. They are made with a simple ingredient list, so you can be sure that you are giving a healthy and tasty treat to your adorable furry friend.

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Embark on a culinary adventure for your canine companions with Laddoo's Cakery and our exceptional Dehydrated and preservative-free Chicken Feet – a chewy treat that not only satisfies your dog's instincts but also provides a myriad of health benefits. Our commitment to crafting treats that go beyond the ordinary is reflected in this unique offering, ensuring your furry friends indulge in a snack that's both wholesome and delightful.


Our Chicken Feet treats are filled with high-quality ingredients, all of which are selected thoughtfully. We source premium chicken feet, known for their natural collagen, joint-supporting properties, and rich nutrient content. Each piece undergoes a dehydration process, preserving its nutritional integrity without relying on artificial preservatives. The result is a treat that exudes purity, aligning with Laddoo's Cakery's dedication to providing dogs with the best.


The chewy texture of chicken feet serves a dual purpose – it satisfies your dog's instinctive urge to chew while promoting dental health. Dogs, by nature, need to chew, and our Chicken Feet offers the perfect outlet for this behavior. Chewing a lot helps keep your pet’s teeth cleaner by preventing plaque and tartar from building up, and this contributes to improved oral hygiene. It's not just a tasty treat; it's a natural dental care solution that supports your dog's overall well-being.


One of the notable benefits of Chicken Feet lies in its rich collagen content. Collagen is a crucial protein that supports joint health and can aid in maintaining your dog's mobility. As dogs age, or in breeds prone to joint issues, the inclusion of collagen in their diet becomes increasingly important. Our Chicken Feet provides a delectable and natural source of this essential protein, promoting flexibility and comfort in your pet's joints.


Beyond the joint-supporting benefits, chicken feet are a nutrient-dense snack. Chicken feet are filled with important vitamins, amino acids, and essential minerals that help keep your dog healthy. Laddoo's Cakery ensures that every bite is a wholesome experience that nourishes your dog from the inside out.


Our commitment to a preservative-free formulation is rooted in the belief that dogs deserve treats free from unnecessary additives. The dehydration process serves as a natural method of preserving the treats without compromising on their purity. Your dog gets all the nutritional advantages of chicken feet without any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. It's a promise of transparency and quality that sets Laddoo's Cakery apart in the realm of dog treats.


For dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, our Dehydrated and preservative-free Chicken Feet offer a safe and delicious alternative. The minimalistic ingredient list ensures that this chewy treat is suitable for dogs with various dietary needs, allowing all furry friends to partake in the joy of a delectable and nutritious snack. We think every dog, no matter their dietary needs, should have treats that make a positive impact on their well-being. 


The joy that radiates from a dog engaged in a satisfying chew is a testament to the success of our Chicken Feet treats. From small breeds to larger companions, the universal appeal of the chewy texture makes it a favorite among dogs of all sizes. It's not just a treat; it's an experience that engages your dog's senses, providing both physical and mental stimulation. This interactive aspect makes our Chicken Feet an ideal choice for dogs needing an enriching and enjoyable snack.


In conclusion, Laddoo's Cakery's Dehydrated & Preservatives-Free Chicken Feet stand as a unique and health-conscious offering in the realm of dog treats. From the premium quality of ingredients to the thoughtful dehydration process, each element is designed to ensure your dog receives a snack that's not only delicious but also supports their overall health. Elevate your dog's treat experience with a chewy delight that encapsulates the essence of natural goodness and culinary excellence.


Chicken feet by Laddoo’s Cakery are made with human-grade chicken feet without any added preservatives and are a great source of collagen which helps to keep your pet's joints strong and reduces joint pain while maintaining dental health.


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Frequently asked question on Chicken Feet

Are chicken feet safe for dogs to eat?

Yes, chicken feet are safe for dogs but they should be given to the pets in moderation. Most of the chicken feet are filled with collagen and this is one special protein that keeps the joints of your pets flexible and strong. Chicken feet are perfect for both younger and senior dogs as it keeps their joints in perfect shape. Also, ensure you buy quality chicken feet as low-quality food can cause severe digestive issues. You can also take an advice from your vet before you introduce your pet to chicken feet.


What are the nutritional benefits of feeding chicken feet to dogs?

Feeding chicken feet to dogs has a lot of nutritional benefits. Chicken feet are rich in protein and this supports the growth and repair of your pet’s muscles. Chicken feet have natural compounds called glucosamine and chondroitin, and these are known to promote joint health. Hence, chicken feet can be a good diet for older gods, especially those that suffer from arthritis. Additionally, they provide essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and collagen, which support bone strength, dental health, and coat condition. 


How should I prepare chicken feet for my dog to eat safely?

You can make chicken feet at home for your pets or just one from online stores. If you plan to make them, start by washing them well. Then place the washed chicken feet in a pot filled with water and let it boil for about 40-45 minutes. Cook the chicken well till it is moist and tender and there isn’t rawness anywhere. Cool it down completely before you feed it to your dog. If it is the first time, keep an eye on when your dog is eating it and ensure they eat properly. Remember that chicken feet are occasional treats and not to be given every day. 


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