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Introducing Wheez-Go for Pet, a gentle yet effective homeopathic veterinary medicine specially formulated to ease cough and flu-related symptoms in your beloved furry friends. Just like humans, pets can experience coughing due to various reasons, including irritants in the airway or underlying health conditions. While occasional coughing is normal, persistent coughing may indicate a more serious issue.


Our furry companions love to explore and interact with their environment, making them susceptible to picking up germs and viruses from surfaces and other animals. This is where Wheez-Go for Pet comes to the rescue. Formulated with natural ingredients, Wheez-Go for Pet provides relief from cough and flu symptoms, helping your pet feel more comfortable and supported during times of discomfort. Simply administer as directed and watch as your pet finds relief from coughing and other related symptoms, allowing them to get back to their playful and joyful selves in no time. Order one for your beloved pet today!

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Introducing Wheez-Go for Pet, your furry companion's ultimate relief from respiratory discomforts! Made with utmost care and based on homeopathic principles, Wheez-Go offers a safe and natural solution for pets experiencing cough and flu-related symptoms. The Wheez-Go drops are quite effective when used as per the dosage recommended, and are safe to use as they are made using natural and pet-friendly ingredients. Each of the medicines included in these drops will provide relief to your pets from seasonal respiratory discomforts.


Giving Wheez-Go to your pets is a breeze! Simply place the drops on your pet's tongue for instant relief. These drops act as a quick and affordable solution as they work immediately to provide relief and comfort to your distressed pet. It is also important to track how much medicine the pet is being fed. Depending on their size, the dosage varies. Pet parents can administer 5-10 drops to their puppies or kittens three times a day. Small breed dogs and large breed dogs can be given 20 drops thrice a day. Follow this regimen for 10-15 days or as directed by your veterinarian. Repeat the course if necessary.


There are three easy ways to administer Wheez-Go. The drops can be applied on the nostrils or the tongue of your pet and it is important to make sure it is licked completely by your pet. Secondly, mix the medication with some simple pet food like bread or plain rice and ensure consumption. The drops can also be mixed in distilled water and then added to a 5 mL syringe without a needle. This solution can be given to the pet directly via nostrils or tongue.


Wheez-Go for Pet is safe and effective and was made after several trials and consultations with the best vets in the country. So, the next time your pet has seasonal flu, try out Wheez-Go for Pet. Order one today!

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