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Pet Relocation

Pet relocation refers to the process of moving animals, typically domestic pets, from one location to another, which can be within a country (domestically) or to a foreign country (internationally). This service is used by pet owners who are moving homes, often due to personal reasons like a job transfer or emigration, or for corporate relocations.

Here are the key components and considerations involved in pet relocation:

Travel Arrangements

This involves selecting the mode of transport (air, road, or rail) that is safest and most comfortable for the pet, and scheduling the travel to coincide with the owner's moving plans. PawRulz and It's partners ensure that we meet your budget and timeline for the mode of transportation.


International pet relocation requires a thorough understanding of the import and export regulations related to pets for both the originating and destination countries, including health certificates, vaccination records, and sometimes quarantine requirements. Irrespective of your location PawRulz we make sure that the documentation is complete before transportation process is started.

Pet Welfare

Ensuring the pet's well-being during transit is a priority. This includes using appropriate carriers, ensuring pets have enough space, ventilation, and are fed and hydrated. You can buy IATA and IPATA approved carriers easily with us.

Customs and Compliance

Navigating through customs can be complex, involving various checks and certifications to ensure that all regulations are met. Different airlines have listed various criteria for transportation of pet. PawRulz will inform you about regulation to have safe travel.

Door-to-Door Services

PawRulz and It's partners offer door-to-door services where we take care of the entire process from picking up the pet at the original location to delivering them to the new location.

Specialist Handling

At a very nominal price we offer a 'Pet Relocation Specialist' who accompanies the pet throughout the journey, ensuring they are cared for and comfortable.

PawRulz aim of pet relocation services is to ensure that the pet's relocation is as stress-free as possible for both your pet, and you as pet parent. Choosing us as a reputable service with experience in pet relocation is crucial for a smooth transition.

Please fill the form and initiate the temporary separation without any stress.

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