Dr.Goel's CRETIGO for pets 30ml

Dr.Goel's CRETIGO for pets 30ml

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Dr. Goel

Introducing Cretigo Drops for pets, the ultimate solution for their kidney health! Say goodbye to symptoms like blood in urine, tiredness, pale gums, mouth ulcers, seizures, weight loss, and loss of appetite in your furry friend. Cretigo Drops work by restoring kidney function and keeping creatinine levels in check.


Dr. Goel's Cretigo Drops for Dogs and Cats offers a remarkable solution for pets suffering from kidney problems. Specially formulated to address a range of symptoms associated with renal impairment, these drops provide targeted relief for your furry companion. These drops are carefully crafted to alleviate various symptoms of kidney problems in pets. Whether your furry friend is struggling with reduced appetite, exhaustion, or other discomforts, Cretigo Drops offers the needed support to enhance their well-being.


One of the remarkable aspects of Cretigo Drops is their holistic approach to addressing kidney issues in pets. These drops not only tackle the symptoms but also actively work to restore optimal kidney function. By enhancing the efficiency of your pet's kidneys, Cretigo Drops contribute to an overall improvement in their health and well-being. Watch your pet regain their energy and vitality with each drop of this powerful formula. Choose Cretigo Drops to support your pet's kidneys and keep them healthy and thriving.

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Dr. Goel's Cretigo Drops for Dogs and Cats is a great medicine that can be used for pets experiencing symptoms of kidney problems. These drops are specially designed to help with various signs of renal impairment that your pet may be showing. This includes issues like having blood in their urine, feeling unusually tired, having pale gums, or even developing ulcers in their mouth. They might also experience intestinal seizures, lose a significant amount of weight, or have trouble moving around without coordination, like stumbling. Additionally, if you have noticed a big decrease in your pet's appetite, Cretigo Drops can assist with that too.


The great thing about Cretigo Drops is that they don't just address the symptoms; they also work to restore proper kidney function. This means they help your pet's kidneys function more effectively, which can lead to an improvement in their overall health. Another important benefit of these drops is that they help maintain the right level of creatinine in your pet's blood.


These drops are made using homeopathic principles, which means they are formulated to work gently with your pet's body to promote healing. They are specifically designed for pets dealing with renal impairment symptoms and by addressing these symptoms and supporting kidney function, Cretigo Drops can help your pet feel better and improve their quality of life.


The key ingredients in this formula are,

•          Berberis Vulgaris

•          Camphora

•          Cantharis

•          Equisetum Hyemale

•          Eupatorium Perfoliatum

•          Mercurius Solubilis

•          Sepia

•          Thuja Occidentalis


How to use

Puppies and kittens: Give 5-10 drops three times a day.

Cats: Give 10-15 drops three times a day.

Small dogs: Give 15-20 drops three times a day.

Large dogs: Give 20-25 drops three times a day.


Application Method

The medicine can be applied to the tongue of your pet directly or into their nostrils but ensure your pet licks it all. The drop can also be mixed with simple pet food like rice or plain bread. If the two methods are not suitable the medicine can be given by mixing it with distilled water and adding it to a 5 ml syringe. This can be added to your pet's tongue directly.


Whether your pet is a dog or a cat, if they are struggling with symptoms of kidney problems, Cretigo Drops could be the solution you have been searching for. With regular use, they can help your pet feel more comfortable and energetic, allowing them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

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