Acana Puppy Recipe All Breed 2 Kg Acana Puppy Recipe All Breed 2 Kg Acana Puppy Recipe All Breed 2 Kg Acana Puppy Recipe All Breed 2 Kg Acana Puppy Recipe All Breed 2 Kg

Acana Puppy Recipe All Breed 2 Kg

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By nature, all puppies are carnivores which means they’re biologically adapted for a diet rich and varied in fresh whole meats with smaller amounts of fruits and vegetables.

That’s why ACANA Puppy & Junior is brimming with free-run chicken and nest-laid eggs from local prairie farms, and wild-caught flounder from North Vancouver Island, delivered fresh to nourish peak health.

Free of grains and fast carbohydrates such as rice, tapioca or potato, ACANA is rich in meat proteins to promote your puppy’s peak development and conditioning.

Made in our award-winning kitchens from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients, Biologically Appropriate™ ACANA is guaranteed to keep your puppy healthy, happy and strong.

RICH IN MEAT (70%) Your puppy is biologically adapted for a diet rich in meat. That’s why we loaded ACANA Puppy & Junior with 70% meat, including cage-free chicken, wild-caught flounder and whole nest-laid eggs sourced from regional farms deemed fit for human consumption. Compare to conventional puppy foods which often contain very little meat, and seldom from the human consumption chain.
HIGH FRESH MEAT INCLUSIONS (1/3) Fresh meats are in their most natural and nourishing form. That’s why 1/3 of the poultry, fish and eggs in ACANA are authentically fresh and loaded with goodness and taste, and other 2/3 are dried to provide a strong and natural source of meat protein. All animals deemed fit for human consumption. — a rarity among today’s pet food makers. Compare to conventional dog foods which seldom contain authentically fresh meats.
A VARIETY OF WHOLE MEATS (3) In nature, dogs benefit from an assortment of prey animals. That’s why ACANA features a diversity of free-run chicken, whole eggs and whole fish, all in richly nourishing WholePrey ratios of meat, organs and cartilage that mimic the natural diet, eliminating the long lists of synthetic additives in conventional dog foods. Compare to conventional dog foods which feature one or two meats, seldom in WholePrey ratios, and feature long lists of synthetic additives.
RICH IN MEAT PROTEIN (33%) Entirely free of the pea or potato protein concentrates common in today’s conventional dog foods, ACANA derives its rich protein content from premium animal ingredients (not plants), supporting lean muscle mass and nourishing your dog according to his evolutionary needs. Compare to conventional dog foods which are either typically low in protein (and high in carbohydrate) or use inappropriate plant protein concentrates to elevate their protein claims.
CARBOHYDRATE LIMITED (25%) Your dog’s natural diet contains very few carbohydrates, which are recognized as a leading cause of obesity and diabetes. That’s why ACANA limits carbohydrates and replaces fast carbohydrates (such as rice, potato and tapioca) with low-glycemic fruits and vegetables. Compare to conventional dog foods which often exceed 50% carbohydrates, and feature high-glycemic ingredients such as potato, tapioca and rice.

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vivek47 says

5 months ago

The puppy dry food from Acana Junior has changed my pup's meal time drastically. He loves the taste a lot and thanks to all the good stuff in it, I am very much assured that he is getting the nutrition he needs for this development. Thanks to this meal times have become more relaxed these days. This is one product I would certainly recommend

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