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Dr. Goel

Wormisule XP for pets from Dr.Goel’s is one of the best homeopathic veterinary medicine for comprehensive worm expulsion. The all natural medicine works like a charm for deworming both your pet dogs and cats. The brand Dr.Goel Pet Pharma is committed to provide holistic healthcare solutions for pets, and Wormisule XP is one such product that makes sure your pets are happy and worm-free.


The medicine is available in 30ml bottles and it is a proof to our dedication to creating a safe and effective solution that addresses all types of worms your pets might get effected with. The carefully crafted homeopathic formula provides a gentle yet potent approach to worm expulsion, promoting the well-being of your pets without compromise. Order one for your pet today and keep them active without the worry of worm related concerns.

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Introducing Dr. Goel's Wormisule XP for Pets, a natural homeopathy solution designed for effective deworming in pets of all ages and breeds. With its unique formulation, this 30ml pack delivers instant results, providing a convenient and efficient way to expel various types of worms from your beloved companions.


Wormisule XP stands out for its rapid action, ensuring that your pets experience relief promptly. The ease of application directly onto the tongue makes it a hassle-free process, saving both time and effort for pet owners. The drops are designed with utmost care to guarantee zero side effects, enabling safe use alongside other medications.


Wormisule XP is perfect for those pet owners who are looking for simple and safe solution for deworming their pets without any compromise on efficiency. The dosage instructions are clear and adaptable to different pet sizes, ensuring precise administration for optimal results. For pups and kittens, a recommended 5-10 drops TDS, while cats can benefit from 10-15 drops TDS. Small breed dogs require 15-20 drops TDS, and large breed dogs can take 20-25 drops TDS, all as directed by a veterinarian. Should the need arise, the course can be repeated after 3 months for continued protection.


The medicine can be added directly onto the tongue or into the nostrils to guarantee quick absorption. Alternatively, mixing the medication with simple pet food or gently spraying it onto the tongue or nostrils with a syringe offers additional options to suit your pet's comfort. Dr. Goel's Wormisule XP is more than just a deworming solution; it is a commitment to your pet's health and well-being. Ensure the overall well-being of your pet today by ordering Wormisule XP from Dr. Goel Pet Pharma today!

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