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Dr. Goel

The Me & My Digestion pet supplement from Dr. Goel is made especially for the digestive health of your lovely pet dogs and cats. The supplement is in a granule form and helps to address some of the most common digestive problems in both dogs as well as cats. Regular use of this supplement ensures your pet stays happy and energetic all day long. Formulated with a blend of essential supplements, Me & My Digestion maintains optimal gut health, stabilizing pH levels during gastric disruptions such as biliary obstruction, vomiting, dyspepsia, and food poisoning.


The supplement is made with care and utmost thought and it acts as a shield, and safeguards the digestive system of your pets. Easy to administer, these granules integrate into your pet's daily routine quite easily. Improve the digestive health of your pet’s health with Me & My Digestion. Order yours today from Pawrulz!

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The Me & My Digestion supplement from Dr. Goel Pet Pharma is a revolutionary medication that is all natural, has no side effects and works effectively for your pet’s digestive health. The supplement can be used for both dogs as well as cats, and it is made using proven ingredients that help maintain gut health of your pets. The supplement comes in really handy, especially crucial during instances of gastric troubles such as vomiting, dyspepsia, and biliary obstruction.


What sets Me & My Digestion apart is the brands commitment to the well-being of your pets without any side or after effects. Unlike some over-the-counter supplements, this product is formulated with meticulously chosen ingredients to minimize the risk of adverse reactions, ensuring your pets receive the care they deserve. This versatile supplement is recommended for a variety of common digestive issues, including vomiting, acidity, dyspepsia, and pH imbalance. Me & My Digestion Pet Supplement empowers pet owners to proactively address gut related concerns and promote improved digestive health for their furry friends.


Administering the supplement is a hassle-free process, with recommended quantities based on your pet's weight. For pups up to 10 kg, one teaspoonful is suggested, while adult pets weighing above 10 kg can benefit from two teaspoonfuls. Dr. Goel's Me & My Digestion provides three effective application methods for added convenience. Pet owners can mix the granules with lukewarm water or curd, add it to plain rice or bread, or use a syringe to spray the homoeopathic supplement directly on the pet's tongue when diluted with distilled water. The choice of application method can be tailored to suit your pet's preferences and health requirements.


The supplement cannot to be given to any pets that have the condition of lactose intolerance. However, for those without this condition, Dr. Goel's Me & My Digestion Pet Supplement stands as a reliable ally in ensuring your pets' digestive health is at its best. Choose the solution that puts your pet's well-being first and make Me & My Digestion a vital part of their daily care routine.

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