Kennel Kitchen Tuna Jerky - Dogs and Cats

Kennel Kitchen Tuna Jerky - Dogs and Cats

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Kennel Kitchen Tuna Jerky are made with only one ingredient - Tuna Fillets. Our Jerky's are slowly smoked for a perfect flavour. Contains 60% protien. Ideal for training and rewards. Suitable for both adult and puppies.
The Key Ingredient is Tuna which has Essential amino acids that helps in roviding Energy, lean muscle and Immunity. It has no artificial colors, flavors and is filler free. Check out more variety of Kennel Kitchen brand collections at pawrulz.
Nutrional Information
Energy= 365.70 %, Crude Fat= 5.20 % , Crude Protein = 66.56%, Crude Fibre = 1.28%, Moisture= 10.10 %
Feeding Guide
Serve treats responsibly as part of a complete and balance diet. For the safety of your pet observation is recommended while giving your pet treats.
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