Dr.Goel's Diafine for pets 20ml

Dr.Goel's Diafine for pets 20ml

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Dr. Goel

Introducing Diafine Drops, your pet's solution to diarrhea! The medicine is specially formulated to provide relief from various types of diarrhea symptoms in dogs and cats. Diafine Drops can help even when the symptoms are caused by viruses or bacteria. The drops can also be used to provide relief to your pets when suffering from serious cases like bloody diarrhea caused due to Parvo viral infection. Formerly known as Diasule for Pets, Diafine Drops are the same drops with improved quality. Enjoy the benefits of this over-the-counter remedy without a doubt as it is all-natural with no side effects or drug interactions.

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Introducing Dr. Goel's Diafine Drops, a safe and natural homeopathic remedy for your beloved pets! Designed to address various types of diarrhea in dogs and cats, including those caused by bacteria, or viruses, this over-the-counter solution is gentle yet effective. It is specially formulated to work naturally without any side effects, so you can trust it for your furry friend's well-being.


The Diafine Drops are highly effective and can be administered directly on the pet’s tongue for immediate relief. The drops are also known to improve symptoms related to bloody diarrhea in pets or those suffering from Parvo viral infection. The drops can be used alongside other pet medications and pet parents need not worry about interventions or side effects.


Based on the principle of "Similia Similibus Curanter" (like cures like), this formula utilizes ingredients like Arsenicum Album 30, Podophyllum Peltatum 30, Veratrum Album 30, Cina 30, Carbo Vegetabilis 30, And Cinchona Officinalis 30. Each ingredient targets specific symptoms associated with diarrhea, providing holistic relief.


Pet owners need to keep track of the dosage being administered to their pets, as it affects the treatment and recovery directly. The dosage often varies depending on your pet's size and their medical condition. Puppies or kittens can be given 5-10 drops thrice a day and cats can be given 10-15 drops. If your pet is a small breed dog you can administer 15-20 drops and 20-25 drops for large breed dogs, thrice a day. The course of treatment typically lasts for 10-15 days, but it can be adjusted based on the severity of the condition.


Administering Diafine Drops is easy thanks to three application methods. You can drop the medicine directly onto your pet's tongue or into their nostrils, ensuring they lick it up. Alternatively, the drops can be mixed with some simple pet food like simple bread or rice. Another option is to spray the medication and distilled water into an empty syringe and apply it directly onto your pet's tongue or gently into their nostrils, ensuring they ingest the medication.


With Dr. Goel's Diafine Drops, you can provide your pet with the relief they need from diarrhea while ensuring their safety and well-being. Trust Diafine Drops to keep your pet healthy and on the road to recovery!

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