Beaphar Puppy Trainer - All Breeds Dogs Beaphar Puppy Trainer - All Breeds Dogs Beaphar Puppy Trainer - All Breeds Dogs Beaphar Puppy Trainer - All Breeds Dogs

Beaphar Puppy Trainer - All Breeds Dogs

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Beaphar Puppy Trainer - All Breeds Dogs is a specially formulated product that helps in house training dogs. Continuous use cultivates the habits of a properly trained dog. It helps the puppy to urinate or defecate in appropriate places. Beaphar Puppy Trainer helps to house-train puppies as well as can help break undesirable habits and keeps the surrounding environment clean. Beaphar Puppy Trainer helps spot-train puppies by encouraging them to eliminate in the spot you choose. Specifically,Clinically formulated as a puppy attractant, this potty training spray prevents dog potty training accidents to provide pet parents peace of mind.

Not Only Beaphar Puppy Trainer works as an educator for dogs, but also it’s formulated with a special scent that attracts the dogs to pee and poop in the right place, selected by you.


  • Especially Encourages puppies to eliminate in designated area that pet parents select.
  • Clinically formulated to attract dogs wherever it is applied.
  • Concentrated liquid , Single perfume is detected by dogs quickly.
  • Indoor potty training, if you need to train your dog into using a designated area inside.

How to use Beaphar Puppy Trainer to Potty Train your Pup?

Just put some drops of Puppy Trainer Beaphar at the place where you think your dog should use as a toilet. It can be either a newspapers, or training pee pads. Let the pup sniff, repeat the process as many times as required, and voilà. In the samw way, your puppy will learn the right place to conduct their business. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a day, especially after waking up as well as after each meal and before going to sleep. The number of training days varies per dog.

Also Note Most dogs want to please their parents. So when your pet does his or her business in the right spot, dish out plenty of praise. This will make it more likely that the behaviour is repeated.

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Country of Origin: Netherlands.

Imported & Marketed by: Scientific Remedies Pvt Ltd, Godown no2, raja estate, beside chiman banker, padamla, vadodara GJ 391350.

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