Dr.Goel's DERMISULE for pets 30ml

Dr.Goel's DERMISULE for pets 30ml

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Dr. Goel

Introducing Dermisule for pets, the ultimate solution for dogs that are battling various skin issues. The medicine is created to combat eczema, allergies, rashes, and more, and this remedy targets lesions accompanied by hair loss, redness, dryness, scaliness, and discharge. The medicine also offers comprehensive relief from specific lesions to spots associated with Mange disease. Created specifically for dogs and cats, this unique solution is founded on the principle of "likes cure likes," offering a natural and organic approach to treating your pet's skin issues.


Safe and gentle for pets of all breeds, Dermisule features a non-irritating formula that will not harm your pet’s health. Be it a small or a large pet, this product is suitable for pets of all breeds as well as sizes. Also, homeopathy medicine has no harsh chemicals, and this ensures that your pet will not experience any adverse effects or reactions. Dermisule utilizes the principles of homeopathy to help your pet’s body health naturally from within. Made with natural substances, this product provides a gentle yet effective solution for pet owners seeking to address the skin problems of their beloved companions.


Trust in its efficacy to alleviate your pet's skin woes, providing them with the comfort they deserve. Experience the difference Dermisule can make in your furry friend's life. Order today!

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Choose the power of nature to heal the skin ailments of your pets with Dermisule for pets. This is a reliable homeopathic medicine that helps address a wide range of pet skin conditions. Guided by the principle of homeopathy, the formula stands as the best remedy for dogs suffering from skin ailments like eczema, rashes, redness, dryness, and more. Even specific or general lesions, such as those associated with Mange disease, can be improved by regular and correct usage of Dermisule.



Dermisule for pets from Dr. Goel is a mix of different individual homeopathic medicines.

SULPHUR 200: This helps address dry, scaly, and suppurative unhealthy injuries. It also reduces itching, burning, continuous licking, and pimply eruptions.

THUJA 30: Thuja is very effective against polyps, warts, epithelioma, and ulcers in the anogenital region. It also improves freckles, blotches, and dry skin with brown spots.

GRAPHITE 200: This medicine benefits rough, hard, persistently dry skin unaffected by eczema. It also helps address the early stages of keloid or fibroma and eruptions oozing a sticky exudate.

PSORINUM 200: Psorinum 200 improves dry, lusterless, rough hair coat with intolerable itching. It also treats enlarged sebaceous glands, eczema behind ears, and crusty eruptions.

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM 30: This homeopathic remedy is good for pale or inflamed skin that bleeds and bruises easily. It also alleviates acne, capillary congestion, and a burning sensation of the skin. This can be used for measles with conjunctivitis and photophobia.

These homeopathic medicines are carefully selected based on the principles outlined in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India, ensuring the highest quality, efficacy, and safety.



Quality Assurance: Dermisule is a cost-effective medicine that is made with a commitment to quality and has absolutely no side effects

Comprehensive Relief: Whether your pet is suffering from common skin issues or specific conditions like Mange disease, Dermisule offers a holistic solution.

Natural Healing: Embrace the power of homeopathy to naturally address skin problems, promoting overall well-being for your beloved pet.


How to use

Dermisule can be used for pets of all breeds both cats and dogs. The dosage that can be followed is as follows.

For Pups & Kittens: 5-10 drops thrice a day

For Cats: 10-15 drops thrice a day

For Small Breed Dogs: 15-20 drops thrice a day

For Large Breed Dogs: 20-25 drops thrice a day

The medicine can be given to your pet for 10-15 days based on how severe the condition is. The course can also be repeated if required, but it is important to take a suggestion from a veterinarian. Choose Dermisule for your pet and witness how quickly it transforms the skin health of your pet. Embrace the natural path to healing because your pet deserves the best.

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