Bayer Bolfo Anti-tick powder - Dogs and Cats Bayer Bolfo Anti-tick powder - Dogs and Cats Bayer Bolfo Anti-tick powder - Dogs and Cats

Bayer Bolfo Anti-tick powder - Dogs and Cats

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BAYER Bolfo Powder - Anti-Tick controls ectoparasites (external parasites), such as ticks, fleas and lice and prevents their infestation. It has anti-dandruff and antiseptic properties that helps in maintaining overall skin health and prevents the spread of various skin diseases. The flea & tick powder is a must-have product in summer & rainy seasons. The dry & humid summer which makes the pet coat irritant. Provides relief from the summer itch.

This will also help to remove all kind of external parasites from your dog and cat & prevents if from the re-infestation of ticks and fleas. Bolfo powder is a propoxur powder (1%)  that acts against fleas, ticks an lice in dog or cat's coat. Manufactured by Bayer aka Bay-o-pet. BAYER Bolfo Powder - Anti-Tick has an extra gentle composition that makes it suitable for frequent use.


  • Non-toxic as well as Non-irritant, suitable for Frequent use.
  • Avoids ticks and insects as well as Helps in preventing reinfestation.
  • Provides your pet an itch-free skin and gives you a clean smelling dog or cat.
  • Above All, Extremely useful for treating all insects and flea bites which ia having the natural soothing qualities.

Instructions to Use: Just spread powder over your pet coat and massage it gently into the skin. Brush your pet as usual , OR If you find that troublesome then just put it on the brush and brush as usual.

Composition: Each gram of this Boflo powder has 10mg propoxur.


  • Keep out of the reach of children, Store away from food and feed .
  • Do not store water, food or products for human or animal consumption in the Bolfo Powder container.
  • Do not use in dogs & cats having extensive superficial wounds on skin, do not use on sick  animals.

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Country of Origin: Germany.

Imported & Marketed by:Ravindera Medicos-E-44, Shastri Nagar,Delhi,110052.

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