Trixie Doube Sided Comb (17-cm) - For Dogs Cats

Trixie Doube Sided Comb (17-cm) - For Dogs Cats

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Trixie Doube Sided Comb is suitable for Both Dogs & Cats. The dual comb has a Coarse Comb on one side to loosen dense matted fur and a fine comb on the other side to comb through hair to give a shiny silky tangle free finished coat. The comb head is made of stainless steel and built to last a lifetime.The Trixie double-sided comb features a wooden handle. Suitable for Dogs & Cats, All Breeds.

- Double-sided, Dual use - to detangle & to comb through.
- Removes extra hair, relieves unwanted shedding.
- Metal teeth ensure lifetime use.
- Wood handle for firm grip.

Paw Tipz - Using a detangle spray or serum makes it easy to get rid of knotted tangles and make the combing painfee & hasslefree for your pets.

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