Bayer Bolfo Anti-Tick Shampoo - Dogs Cats Bayer Bolfo Anti-Tick Shampoo - Dogs Cats Bayer Bolfo Anti-Tick Shampoo - Dogs Cats

Bayer Bolfo Anti-Tick Shampoo - Dogs Cats

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Bayer Bolfo Anti-Tick Shampoo, reduces ectoparasites (external parasites), such as ticks, fleas and lice. It controls & prevents ectoparasites in dogs, such as ticks, fleas, and lice. BAYER - Bolfo Shampoo - Anti-Tick controls skin infections: The antimicrobial and antifungal behaviour, prevents skin infections and In addition, it gives your dog and cat a shiny coat. The shampoo comes in the 200ml pack for extreme useful to treat all insects and flea bites, with the natural soothing qualities of the product &, provides the much-needed relief to your dog, which is an effective remedy for summer itch.


  • Itching relief from heat & skin, Effective in reducing of all ticks and fleas.
  • Gives the shiny coat for all dogs and cats.
  • Ecto - parasiticides for the effective control & prevention of flea's & ticks on dog & cats body.
  • No Side Effects.

Composition: Each gram of shampoo contains the 1mg Propoxur

Instructions to use:

Wet the pet body pet with lukewarm water, Apply liberally the shampoo on the hair coat of the pet to form a lather. Avoid contact with the sensitive parts - eyes, ears & mouth. Let the lather allow to stay on the pet coat for 3-4 mins then Wash the pet with plenty of water. In case of high infections, treatment can be repeated once or twice/week for the extended period of time.

There will be times where your pet will be a disliking the smell of the product. In such cases, we recommend mixing the shampoo with some other shampoo to get the desired results without irritating your dog. Make sure that the skin of the pet is massaged well to get rid of all kind of fleas. Though the product suits almost all dogs and cats, but do check for any skin irritations and consult a vet immediately if there are any signs of the eruption on the skin.



  • Don't apply to sensitive areas such as nose, eyes, ears, genitals, and mouth.
  • Don't allow your pet to lick the shampoo or the lather.
  • Not to use on the dogs & cats having extensive superficial wounds on the skin.
  • Not to use on the sick or convalescent animals.
  • Place it away from the children and Place the cap tightly after every use.

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Country of Origin: Germany.

Imported & Marketed by:Ravindera Medicos-E-44, Shastri Nagar,Delhi,110052.

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