Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Dog, 2 kg

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Dog, 2 kg

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Dogs with chronic kidney disease often suffer from anorexia. It is therefore advisable to give them a very palatable food. The high caloric intake allows you to cover your Fido's energy needs with small rations of food. Renal is the ideal food for the dietary treatment of chronic renal insufficiency in dogs.

Features: also contains EPA and DHA fatty acids: for a complete action against free radicals; patented antioxidant complex: supports acids that counteract free radicals. Initially use Royal Canin Veterinary Renal for 6 months in case of chronic renal insufficiency or 2 to 4 weeks in case of temporary renal insufficiency. Veterinary food does not replace drugs or therapies, the descriptions given here do not replace veterinary advice. Administer the food on the advice of your veterinarian and carefully follow the therapeutic indications.

Main features:

NUTRITIONAL MANAGEMENT OF CKD. Contains a complex of antioxidants (EPA and DHA) and a low level of phosphorus.
REDUCED KIDNEY BURDEN. Limited high-quality protein content that helps reduce kidney load.
METABOLIC BALANCE. Formulated with alkalizing agents.
APPETITE AND PREFERENCE. Aromatic profile with a high degree of acceptance.

Chronic renal failure.
Prophylaxis against urolithiasis and cystitis.
Prophylaxis against calcium oxalate stones.

Rice, maize flour, animal fats, maize gluten, maize, hydrolyzed animal proteins, beet pulp, wheat gluten, minerals, fish oil, vegetable fibers, soybean oil, fructo-oligosaccharides, psyllium seeds and husks , extract of Rose of India (source of lutein).

Analytical Components:

Crude protein 14%

crude fat 18%

Crude fiber 2.4%

Raw ash 3.9%

Calcium 0.4%

Phosphorus 0.2%

Recommended daily amount:

Dog Weight (gm) cup* (gm) cup* (gm) cup*
2 53g 5/8 cup 46g 4/8 cup 40g 4/8 cup
5 105g 1cup + 1/8 cup 92g 1 cup 80g 7/8 cup
10 176g 1 cup + 7/8 cup 155g 1 cup + 6/8 cup 134g 1 cup + 4/8 cup
15 239g 2 cup + 5/8 cup 210g 2 cup + 2/8 cup 182g 2 cup
20 296g 3 cup + 2/8 cup 261g 2 cup + 7/8 cup 255g 2 cup + 4/8 cup
30 402g 4 cup + 3/8 cup 354g 3 cup + 7/8 cup 305g 3 cup + 3/8 cup
40 499g 5 cup + 4/8cup 439g 4 cup + 7/8 cup 379g 4 cup + 1/8 cup

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