Himalaya Liv 52 tablet (60 Tabs) - Dogs Cats

Himalaya Liv 52 tablet (60 Tabs) - Dogs Cats

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Liv Himalaya- 52 Forte tablets for dogs and cats are ayurvedic supplements that provide all nutritional benefits for the treatment of liver insufficiency in both dogs and cats. Chicory, also known as Kasani, is the primary component that helps rebound from a swollen liver and prevents the liver against injury. The component of the tablet for treating suspected cases of acute viral hepatitis and liver cirrhosis is the caper Bush or Himsra extract. The tablet also acts as an important appetite stimulant to increase your pets ' appetite. Liv 52 Forte Tablets preserve the architecture and function of a weakened liver by promoting hepatic cell regeneration. It also assists in the development of protein in liver cells, thereby increasing optimum hepatic fitness.


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