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5 Reasons to Feed Raw Food to Your Pet

When you own a pet, it becomes a member of your family. So it is vital to take care of their health, appearance, and diet. Owners must provide their dogs with high-quality raw food in order for them to thrive and improve the quality of their lives. Every owner wants their dog to participate actively in everything. So the food we provide them is the most important factor in boosting their strength and immune system. In other words, providing raw food to your dog will improve its immune system and it will also enhance your dog’s organ health.


There is a lot of processed pet food available in the market but the natural, raw pet diet is considered always better than partially cooked food. The pet diet that contains raw and natural food is nutritious and prevents several ailments or infections by maximizing the body’s defense system. These are the reasons why you should always choose a raw diet for your pet:


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Table of Contents

  • Improved Dental and Skeletal health
  • Glossier and Thick Coat
  • Good Supply of Protein
  • Better Reproduction System
  • Less Stinky Stool and Healthy Digestive System
  • Conclusion


1. Improved Dental and Skeletal health

It was obvious how a shift in the diet plays an important role in sustaining healthy tooth and bone health. For healthier bones and teeth, pets need to have plenty of calcium and phosphorus. Additionally, small portions of raw meat, light meat bones, and uncooked vegetables are considered good sources of calcium.

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Improved Dental and Skeletal health

2. Glossier and Thick Coat

The various natural diets for pets promote good skin and fur texture. As they consume essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) from a raw feed. These natural meals are considered crucial for cell functioning and repair, which will automatically lead to a thick and shiny coat and a charming appearance for your pet.

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Glossier and Thick Coat

3. Good Supply of Protein

Processed meals are frequently manufactured by subjecting them to high temperatures, which can destroy all of the essential components such as amino acids. These methods limit access to critical nutrients like lysine, which is essential for the pet’s metabolism. As the raw pet diets don’t go through any specific high temperature, it retains all the important nutritional components that are essential for the proper growth and development of your pet.


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Good Supply of Protein

4. Better Reproduction System

We observed that dogs and bitches have exhibited improved reproductive mechanisms if we provide them with a 100% raw food diet. Thus, a raw diet resulted in fewer reproductive problems in the animals. Furthermore, these animals had a higher birth rate than others, and their offspring were strong and healthy.


5. Less Stinky Stool and Healthy Digestive System

Generally, unprocessed pet food is free from preservatives, additive colors, and unnatural substances. So, it is considered easy to digest and more energetic for pets. All the animal nutritionists suggest not to give your pet a diet that only fills their tummies because these meals will only bulk up without providing proper nutrition. Afterward, raw pet food contains fewer carbohydrates and provides all the essential nutritive components that digest quickly and give instant stamina. That is why, pups and cats on a raw food diet have been observed excreting less poop with less Odor.


6. Conclusion

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your pet’s health and well-being then feeding them raw food may be the answer. Eventually, It has many benefits that include an improved immune system, stronger teeth, and healthier skin.



Frequently asked question on 5 Reasons to Feed Raw Food to Your Pet

Why should I consider switching my pet to a raw food diet?

A raw food diet provides many benefits when included in your pet's diet. Raw foods are known to have good amounts of natural nutrients and protein, which are good for your pet's overall health. Raw food not only improves the health of the skin and coat but also keeps your pet happy and active. Raw food also prevents allergies and improves digestion. There are a few studies that show that raw diets also promote dental health in pets and help maintain their optimal weight. However, it is recommended to consult your vet to know how to switch from the current diet to a raw food diet with ease.

Are there specific types of raw foods that are good for pets?

Yes, certain raw foods are good for your pets and can be included in their raw food diet. As a pet parent, you can include quality meats for essential proteins, and some of the meats you can include are lamb, turkey, organ meats, and chicken. Raw bones can be included in your pet’s diet for improvement in dental health, as they are a good source of calcium. It is also important to include fruits and vegetables to provide the needed vitamins, antioxidants and fiber to your pet. Though variety is important, you need to avoid certain raw foods like garlic or onions as they are toxic for pets.

How can a raw food diet contribute to better dental health for pets?

Raw food is considered beneficial for pets in various ways, especially for their digestive and dental health. Pet dogs can chew on raw meat and bones, and this removes tartar and plaque and prevents dental problems. The jaw muscles are well exercised when the dog chews on the bones, and this improves its teeth and gum health. Though raw food is good for dental health, pet owners should choose proper low-weight bones and monitor the pet when its chewing. Also, include timely vet consultations for proper oral care for your pet.

Will a raw food diet provide all the necessary nutrients for my pet's well-being?

If you want to introduce raw foods as a part of your pet's diet, you need to ensure it is well-balanced. The inclusion of meat, bones, and organ meat, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, is of utmost importance. A few dogs might need calcium supplementation and you can consult your vet for the same. A raw food diet can be started with guidance from pet nutrition, and it might need some adjustments from time to time to prevent deficiencies. A well-planned raw food diet certainly contributes to the overall health of your pet.

Can I combine a raw food diet with commercial pet food for convenience?

Raw food can be combined with commercial pet food, but it does need careful consideration. As a pet diet should include well-balanced, nutrient-rich foods, a few pet parents combine raw food with high-quality commercial pet foods. This adds variety and also meets the nutritional needs of the pet. Though combining both foods in one meal might not be good for the pet's digestion, you can switch from raw food to commercial pet food gradually. A consultation with a vet or pet nutritionist will help you find a balanced diet plan that can accommodate both raw and commercial pet food.

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