Me-O Creamy Cat Treats ,Crab - 60 Gms

Me-O Creamy Cat Treats ,Crab - 60 Gms

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Me-O Creamy Cat Treats with Crab Flavor is a flavorsome treat for cats of all breeds. It contains Crab which is tasteful and contains highly digestible protein. It contains green tea and prebiotics which improves the digestive system. Soft and easy to eat, the Me-O Creamy Treats are great for cats. Flavoured with crab, these treats are irresistible for felines. Its Omega, Zinc content and taurine raise its nutritional value.

  • Contains Omega 3, Taurine, Omega 6, Zinc.
  • Amazing Crab flavour , your Cats Favorite.
  • Can also be used as food topper for fussy eaters.

Ingredients: Chicken meat, Chicken liver, Chicken, Crab powder, Flavouring agent, chicken oil, prebiotics, modified starch, gelling agent, vitamins, minerals, Taurine.

Please Note: This product is a treat and should not be served as a meal. Pets love treats but you should be careful not to overfeed them. Overfeeding them treats can lead to a number of issues including obesity, so stick to feeding your pet the recommended quantities only.

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