Trixie Ceramic Bowl for Cats - White,300 ml

Trixie Ceramic Bowl for Cats - White,300 ml

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Trixie Ceramic Bowl for Cats can be used for both dry kibble and wet food. Its carton print makes it look super cute too. Trixie Ceramic Bowl for Cats is made out of robust ceramic and has a slightly edged rough base, to avoid slipping away while eating. Ceramic is smooth glossy finished, making it extra hygienic and easy to clean. These bowls are very durable and have a long life and are Dishwasher-safe too. Suitable for cats & kittens of all Breed & all ages.

- Made of strong & robust ceramic with rough edged base to avoid slipping away.
- Durable as well as Quick and easy to clean & maintain, Dishwasher-safe.
- Shallow and wide with High smooth gloss finish.
- Can be used for dry & wet food as well as water.

Paw Tipz: Young Kittens & Cats ofter dirty themselves while eating gravy/wet food, use an alcohol-free wipe to clean there mouth area, after food to maintain hygiene.

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