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Summer Pet Care What do Dog Parents Need to Know?


Summer means you can do many outdoor activities with your favorite pets, but when the temperature starts to rise, you should take some precautions to keep your pets safe, whether it is an outdoor walk, a drive, or just a play in the garden. The important thing is that your pets need to be safe and healthy. Here are some tips on how to take care of your pet in the summer.



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Summer Pet Care


Table of Contents

  • Heatwave during summer
  • Never leave your pet in the car
  • Keep your pet’s paws cool
  • Grooming your pet
  • Feeding the right food
  • Choose the right accessories for your pets
  • Importance of a vet visit during summer


1. Symptoms in case of a heatwave during summer

During a heatwave, your pets might undergo excessively increased heart rate, panting, and drooling. If they are outdoors, then make sure they rest in the shade. Or bring them indoors and let them relax in a cool, dry place with plenty of clean water.


2. Never leave your pet in the car

Never leave your pet in a closed car, as this can cause heatstroke and suffocation. On a normal day, the temperature in a car can reach 40° Celsius in 10 minutes and 120° Celsius under direct sunlight. Even if you think it only takes a few minutes, it isn’t. If you ride a fur ball, please bring water and a bowl. Bring your pet with you when you get out of the car.


	Pet care in summer


3. Keep your pet’s paws cool

Keep your pet’s paws cool. When the sun is shining, surfaces such as asphalt or metal can become very hot. The concrete slabs used for the sidewalks are exposed to direct sunlight. Concrete absorbs heat and stores it, while slowly releasing heat. Because concrete absorbs heat, the slab becomes very hot, which can burn pets’ paws. Try to keep your dog away from hot asphalt; not only will it burn your dog’s paws, but it will also raise its body temperature and cause overheating. Always keep your pet’s paws clean and dry.



4. Grooming your pet

Do you feel very clean and refreshed after showering? Your pet feels the same way. Basic grooming includes washing and brushing, as well as trimming nails. Grooming usually involves massaging your pet to help them relax. In the summer, you also need to cut a cool hairstyle for your pet. Therefore, your pet’s fur is naturally designed to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Choosing a full shave will destroy the built-in temperature control. Grooming your pets regularly is a good idea because it will help them stay relaxed and comfortable.


5. Feeding the right food

Your pet may like cold watermelons (please don’t have seeds!) on a hot summer day, this is not surprising. It is important to add liquid to your pet’s diet or make sure that the food is the consistency of the sauce. Fruits and vegetables with high water content can keep your pet hydrated and nourished.


In addition, curd and rice, buttermilk, and even peanut butter and curd mix are good summer pet care foods. In addition, watermelons, bananas, oranges, and cucumbers are also great summer foods for pets. Avoid foods containing salt and sugar. Ensure your pet stays hydrated in hot weather, and remember to increase their water intake by eating cold vegetables or chicken soup. Do not provide them with hot food in the summer, and make sure the temperature is cooler where the pet is living.


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6. Choose the right accessories for your pets

We do not recommend that your pet wear summer hoodies or dog T-shirts. Their coat should be allowed to breathe free unless you take them for a walk and the weather is a bit sunny. Remove the collar, and set them free for a few hours. Also, watch out for ticks or fleas under the collar. Choose pet shampoos that contain medicinal ingredients such as aloe vera and anti-tick properties such as tea tree oil.


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7. Importance of a vet visit during summer

Send them to your veterinarian for inspection. If your pet dog has any signs of fever or vomiting, call your veterinarian and former medical expert.


Vet Consultant

Frequently asked question on Summer Pet Care What do Dog Parents Need to Know?

Do dogs need AC in summer?

Dogs are known to manage heat better compared to their human companions. However, they, too, are prone to heat exhaustion or dehydration when the temperatures are high. Air conditioner maintains a comfortable environment for pets and prevents heat-related issues, which is suggested for breeds prone to overheating. If you cannot provide an air conditioner during summer, ensure the area where your dog rests is well-ventilated, has good shade and has access to cool water all the time. You can consult a veterinarian immediately if your dog shows signs of heat exhaustion symptoms like excessive panting.

How do I keep my dog cool?

Keeping your pet dog cool in summer is essential, and you can do that in specific ways. Ensure the outdoor areas have enough shade, and you can avoid excessive outdoor activities during hot summer days. You can also add cooling mats or vests to keep the dog cool and ensure access to fresh and cool water. Regular grooming improves air circulation, keeping the dog cool. Pet owners must also be cautious of breed-specific needs as a few are more vulnerable to heat. If you are concerned, you can consult a vet online to learn some summer cooling tips suitable for your pet. 

How do I protect my dog from summer pests like fleas and ticks?

Using a few tips, you can protect your dog from summer pests like fleas and ticks. It is advised to consult a vet online once you suspect an infection or use vet-approved tropical treatments, collars or oral medications. You need to inspect the coat and skin of your dog regularly for signs of fleas or ticks, which is a must after an outdoor activity. You can also prevent infection by creating a clean and hygienic living space for your furry companion. Ensure that the dog’s bed and room are cleaned and vacuumed regularly. You can also invest in pet-safe insect repellents and avoid areas with wood or tall grass. 

How do I know my dog has dehydration and how to prevent it?

Some early signs of dehydration in dogs include sunken eyes, dry nose, dryness in gums, sticky nose and lethargy. Dehydration in pet dogs can be prevented in summer by ensuring a consistent supply of fresh and cool water for your pet. You need to monitor your pet’s water consumption as well. Create a few shaded spaces outdoors for your pet, and never leave them in hot areas. Additionally, you can use cooling mats or frozen treats as snacks to keep their body temperature in check. 

What steps should I take if my dog shows signs of heatstroke?

If you witness signs of heatstroke in your pet dog, you need to move it to a ventilated or shaded area immediately. Use cool water to wet your dog. Never use ice-cold water, as it can cause a shock. You can dip a cloth or sponge in cool water and place it on its belly or paws. You can give small amounts of water for it to drink, but do not force feed. Keep a check on its breathing and behaviour, and contact a vet if you do not see any improvement. It is also important to contact the vet for a checkup even when your dog feels better. 

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