Let's Master the Art of Cat Training – Expert Cat Training Tips for Beginners

Cats are known to be independent and aloof animals, and this is one of the many reasons why they are hard to train. However, pet cats can be trained with ease and all you need is a little patience and a few expert tips. If you are a new pet owner, you certainly need to spend more time with your feline friend and have a lot of patience during the training sessions. By doing so, you can train your cat well and see it follow basic commands in no time. 


Let us, via this blog post, learn a few cat training tips that will help you train your furry little friend effectively.


Table of Contents

  • Start by knowing its behaviour
  • Have patience
  • Keep some rewards handy
  • Use simple commands in the beginning
  • Use clicker training
  • Maintain consistency
  • Choose a quiet place for training
  • Get your cat some fun toys




  1. Start by knowing its behaviour

Before you get started with training your cat, you need to pay attention to your feline's behaviour. Cats, by nature, are independent and quite curious, and they have different behavioural patterns when compared to dogs. Dogs are known to be pack animals, and they behave to please their owners, but cats can be selective about showing affection. 


cat training


  1. Have patience

Pet owners need to have a lot of patience when training their cats, especially when it is their very first time. Cats take more time to understand your commands and, hence, might not respond immediately. Also, you cannot yell or punish your cat as it tends to damage the trust between you both. So, it is important to practice patience, use positive and caring behaviour, and witness your feline friend behaving well in no time. 


Teaching your kitten


  1. Keep some rewards handy

 Do you want your pet cat to continue the good behaviour and respond to your commands consistently? You can start by having some yummy treats and toys handy. Pet owners can now buy cat treats and toys online, and these can be used to reward your furry friend whenever it listens to your command. When you reward them with affection or a treat, they repeat the good behaviour often. 


Developing socialization skills

  1. Use simple commands in the beginning

Cats do need some time to adjust to the training and understand your commands. So, start with very basic commands like sit, stay, stand etc. The training sessions should be shorter as it will keep your pet active and not frustrate it. Once your pet follows your command, you can reward it with a treat. The treats can be reduced once your pet starts to follow the commands correctly. 


  1. Use clicker training

 If you are a pet enthusiast, you might have already heard about a clicker. Pet owners use a clicker to teach various tricks and skills to their cats. This also strengthens your relationship with your feline friend. 


Proper feeding etiquette


  1. Maintain consistency

Consistency plays a very important role in cat training. Cats respond well to routines, and thus, maintaining a schedule and following it to the point will speed up the training process. You can also combine rewards and training to make the sessions more fun and effective.


  1. Choose a quiet place for training

Cats respond well and do not get agitated when you train them in a safe and comfortable environment. So, you must remove any distractions and choose a quiet and well-ventilated space for the training sessions. You can also add some of your pet's favourite toys and a comfortable cat bed to make it cosy and comfortable.


  1. Get your cat some fun toys

A bonus tip for your cat lovers is to purchase fun, unique toys that your cat will enjoy, and you can use as a reinforcer for training! Consider cat toys that they can chase or pounce on!



Training your cat is no easy feat, but it is attainable if you are patient, use lots of reinforcement, and remind yourself that cats are stubborn creatures and need you to be consistent! With these tips, you’re sure to have a happy trained kitty in no time. Cat training sessions, when planned with patience, can be very rewarding for you and your feline companion. It strengthens the bond between you and your cat, and you will also have a feline friend who is happy and very well-behaved.

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-- Pawrulz

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