Savic - Cat Litter Scoop - Macro Savic - Cat Litter Scoop - Macro Savic - Cat Litter Scoop - Macro

Savic - Cat Litter Scoop - Macro

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Modern-shaped cat litter scoop. Suitable for coarse clumping litter.

With the help of Macro litter scoop, you can easily scoop waste out of your cat's litter tray.

Step 1: Position yourself
- Stand near the litter box and make sure you have easy access to the cat litter.

Step 2: Hold the scoop correctly
- Grasp the handle of the Savic cat litter scoop firmly in your dominant hand.

Step 3: Insert the scoop into the litter
- Insert the scoop into the litter box, angling it slightly downwards.

Step 4: Gather clumps
- Move the scoop around the litter, gently pressing it against the bottom to collect clumps of soiled litter.

Step 5: Lift the scoop
- Lift the scoop slowly and carefully, keeping it level to avoid spilling any litter.

Step 6: Shake off excess litter
- Give the scoop a few gentle shakes to remove any loose litter from the clumps, allowing it to fall back into the litter box.

Step 7: Dispose of waste
- Transfer the clumps of soiled litter into a suitable waste bag or container for disposal.

Step 8: Repeat as necessary
- Continue scooping the litter box, collecting all the clumps and disposing of them until the box is clean.

Step 9: Clean the scoop
- After scooping, rinse the scoop with water or use a pet-safe cleaning solution to ensure it's clean and ready for the next use.

Step 10: Store the scoop
- Once the scoop is clean and dry, store it in a convenient location near the litter box for easy access.

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