Ways your dog makes you healthier Ways your dog makes you healthier

Ways Your Dog Makes You Healthier

Dogs are human’s best friends. They offer you unparallel companionship. Dogs can accompany you in several activities; whether you are going for a walk, wanting to cuddle on a couch, or playing fetch. They increase your physical activity. Having a dog makes you feel less lonely. It may decrease the rate of depression, stress or helps you maintain your calm. A canine friend playing around makes your mind fresh and also improves your mental health by decreasing stress levels. A dog owner is at low risk of having cardiovascular diseases. It also maintains the blood pressure of the owner. Having a dog as a pet leaves a positive impact on a person well being. Find out the ways your dog makes you healthier.


Table of Contents:

  • Dogs help you stay active
  • A dog can help reduce the risk of heart attack and heart diseases
  • Dogs help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation
  • Owning a dog reduces the risk of developing allergies or asthma
  • Owning a dog can increase physical activity, leading to better overall health
  • Conclusion


  1. Dogs help you stay active:

If you are among several dog owners, you are more active than the person who does not pet a dog. Dogs give you a sense of purpose that motivates you to go outside and walk every day. When you pet a dog, you would take it as your duty to take them outside daily. According to The New York Times, “Dog owners spent around 300 minutes per week walking with their dogs, about 200 more minutes of walking than people without dogs.” They keep you busy as well as active. 


Dog - Pawrulz


Dog helps you stay active


  1. A dog can help reduce the risk of heart attack and heart diseases:

The life span of dog owners is comparatively higher than the of people with no dogs. Researchers found that owning dogs as a pets by heart attack survivors have 33% lower chances of death in the same year, compared to others having no dog as a pet. Dog owners have low cholesterol levels and stable blood pressure because they also increase physical activity, which ultimately leads to a healthier life. We have an amazing range of interactive dog toys which will enhance your dog’s experience.


The life span of dog


Dog with owner


  1. Dogs help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation:

Playing around with your dog keeps you calm. Social interaction between a person and his dog releases the happy hormone oxytocin and decreases the stress hormone known as cortisol. Cuddling your dog reduces stress levels and helps you stay relaxed. Just 10 minutes of cuddling has a significant impact on a person’s stress level. The Good thing is you can tell them anything, they are non-judgmental and good listeners as well. They can sense sadness, fear, and stress and will act around you accordingly. 


Playing around with your dog


  1. Owning a dog reduces the risk of developing allergies or asthma: 

Latest Swedish studies have found that children having a dog at home are less likely to develop asthma and other allergies. Exposure of dogs during infancy may protect children from eczema and reduces the chances of asthma among them.

having a dog at home


  1. Owning a dog can increase physical activity, leading to better overall health:

One could think that adopting a pet is a selfless act, but there are several selfish reasons to own a dog as a pet. It increases your physical activity in many ways. No one would be willing to go outside when it is raining or snow falling, but the dog owners do not have a choice there, they have to take their dogs outside for a daily walk. Some people like to go jogging with their dogs running along with them. Dogs are considered to be the best exercise buddy, they propel you to do more. Your four-legged friend increases your physical activities in many ways, which ultimately lowers the risk of heart attack and many other diseases. A dog is a friend who always keeps you young. Petting a dog boosts your overall health in many ways. 


adopting a pet is a selfless act



Dogs provide us with a sense of community and support, both of which have been shown to improve our mental and physical health. Owning a dog is one of the best things you can do for your health, so if you don’t have one yet, go out and get one! And if you do have a dog, be sure to take advantage of all the ways they make you healthier. And when your dog is contributing this much to your life you should also take care of him by providing the best quality dog food, dog treats, and other dog accessories that can be bought from our website.

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