Dog Care During Summer

Summer care of your dog

When the health of the pooch does not look okay to their parents they get worried about this and especially there is a lot of worry about the same during different seasons. Summer & Winter seasons are the most critical seasons for the pooch in terms of health-related issues, to solve your pet health issues of Winters you can check out this blog “Pet Care During Winters” & to solve your Dog-related Summer problems one will fathom all of your questions. Dogs can get heat stroked or dehydrated in summers like the homo sapiens. While pets are surviving these critical months like Summers and Winter’s they need some supplemental affection, care, and love. For starting up with learning the same go through the below-published subdivisions and take some life hacks

Summer care of your dog

Summer can mean lots of fun outside with your dog. But when the temperature soars, take steps to protect your pet. Whether you take them for a walk. Down the street, a ride in the car, or just out in the yard to play, the heat can be hard on them. Be watchful if you have a snub-nosed pet like a pug or bulldog. Their smaller airways make it harder for them to release heat when they pant. It’s also easy for old and overweight dogs, or those with heart and breathing problems, to get heatstroke.

Water amount

Dehydration is a normal thing in dogs during the summer months and to prevent the scarcity of water in their body you should try to fill water in their tummy in the proper amount so that throughout the day they don’t feel uneasy or weak. Don’t overfeed their stomach with water and even food this could be an even bigger setback for the furry friend.

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Alone in the car

Don’t ever risk your pet inside your car anytime especially during the hot days when the dog can get heatstroke. Dogs can even get a heat stroke in 10 minutes so leaving them in the car for a while is not a good idea. A closed car can cause your dog suffocation and you can then face simultaneous issues related to your dog’s health. Better be a responsible pet owner like what you’re and try to take your dog out rather than leaving them alone in the Parking lot. Also, try not to leave them alone in any room of your home where there is not a proper amount of ventilation for the pooch.

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Shaving Hair

There is a stereotype in the minds of pet owners that if they’ll shave the hairs of their pet they’ll feel cool and this will help them out but the reality is vice-versa, trimming the pets’ hair is okay but shaving them is not as dogs and many other animals are god gifted with the coat that can give them the temperature what they need. If it’s a sunny day their coat will be cold and if it’s cold outside they’ll feel warm. Leave at least an inch of hair on their body while trimming it or else please don’t go for it. You can groom them properly and regularly this won’t affect them and it is even necessary for the canine.

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Walk Timing

When you take your furry friend for a walk better carry a water bottle with you to keep them hydrated regularly. One necessary suggestion would be to fix the timing of their walk again, if you take your pet out for a walk three times a day kindly avoid it and fix it for two( one in the evening & one at night) so that they won’t face direct sun rays in the afternoon slots. Also, decrease the time of walk if it was half of an hour. You can cut it to 15 or 20 minutes. During walks find proper shelters for the dog to take rest. If you have a garden in your home you can shift one time walk of the dog there.

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Paw Care

Paw areas of the canines are very necessary to look after. They can get cold and warm both very easily. To take care of the Paws in the summer seasons you should try not to take him for a walk without shoes because this can simply affect or harm the paws. Be extra careful about their paws. Even if a truck passes by them the road friction can make their paw hot which is not good for them. Clean their paws after every walk because it is well said that “Prevention is better than Cure”. If you want perfect shoes for them to safeguard their paws during regular walks and even adventurous trips you can buy this Ruffwear Grip Trex Shoe.

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Sign’s of Overheating

  1. Heavy Panting
  2. Dry & Bright red gums
  3. Thick drool
  4. Vomiting
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Wobbly Legs
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If you see any of these changes in your dog don’t hesitate to consult a Veterinarian immediately, ignoring any of these symptoms will not be considered responsible behavior. If you wanna be on the safer side just follow the above listed five elements which can prevent your dog from risky diseases.

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