Top Seven Pet Friendly Cities to Travel Too

“Dog’s do speak, but only to those who know how to listen” the phrase by Orhan Pamuk says it all. Straying all around the World, love for the street and pet dogs can be easily spotted in human beings. From the hot lands of Israel to the coldest of all, Folk and their countries are intensely connected to Pets. There’ll be no shock if in the future your four-legged boy/girl will have the “Right to Education” too. Jokes apart!!!


This does not in any way lower the bumps of surprise from the text. A recent survey that told us the amount of fondness towards dogs in 7 sweet cities of the 7 big Country’s awaits the surprise. The Role of the Place is this…


Table of Contents

  • Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Carmel, California, USA
  • Keswick, UK
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Mumbai, India
  • Prague, The Czech Republic


Tel Aviv-Yafo,Israel

The green land of Israel’s City Tel Aviv-Yafo leads the list and shows their clear fondness for dogs by hosting the World’s first-ever Dog Festival, Kelaviv, and the opening of 70+ dog park’s, four dog-friendly beaches.



City hits the list by second as it is famous for its beauty present in parks, trail’s and beaches and also allows your pets to be a part of the fun. Carmel treats your hound like a perfect boss serving them with their room service menus, outdoor shower, and many more.





Bored from your hectic daily life? Wanna enjoy your cutie? Lake City Keswick offers you and your kiddo an adventurous trip with places to swim and climb too. Keswick is also known as “DOGGY PARADISE” which clearly shows what you and your pet are up to here.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re coming here with your pet, be aware of your pocket, this is the place that doesn’t discriminate at all, your guest will require a ticket everywhere. If you bought one you have a place called “Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht” which offers the four-legged guest designer bed and bowls plus some tasty dog treats.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The city is summer vacation for your puppy as then all the cafes and restos open-heartedly welcome them with lavish treatment. Cherry Beach here offers them some Cold energy and then enjoying the sunshine in 60+ parks to roam and play around.


Mumbai, India

Mumbai is referred to as a traffic city in India but talking of the dogs Mumbai came up in recent years while working for the street dogs as well. The government is trying hard now in the case of street dogs which are seeming to be in a bigger battle in community areas and for providing them an allowance in parks too.


Prague, The Czech Republic

Prague is considered as a dog-friendly nation which like all the other dog lover countries proffers your child allowance in parks and as a topping over the cake opens the doors of pubs and parties too for the pets and it is not a stop yet. What about dogs on your desk? Prague allows you to take them but only if your bossman is okay with it and if you’re not the best employee who your mates hate the most, in that case, feel sorry for you!!


Parents, what more is left to read now?? Such perfect dog wonder trips are ready for your tour, just pack your bags, book 2 tickets, and go for this amazing planned trip with your cute pooch.


Feel free to use images in our website by simply providing a source link to the page they are taken from.

-- Pawrulz

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