5 ways to keep your labrador happy and healthy 5 ways to keep your labrador happy and healthy

5 Ways to Keep Your Labrador Happy and Healthy

Labs are known for being one of the most gentle, loving, and engaging breeds of pups. They are often easy to please, but there are several things that you can do to help keep your pup happy and healthy year-round!


Keeping your pup happy and healthy is about more than simply loving them. You have to give them constant exercise, feed them a healthy diet, keep them entertained with chew-resistant toys, socialize them, and play with them constantly. These rules apply to nearly any pup, but Labradors have this endless stream of energy flowing through them that needs to be tended to!


So these are the Best 5 Ways to Keep Your Labrador Happy and Healthy


Table of Contents

  • Give them regular exercise
  • Feed your lab a healthy diet
  • Purchase chew-resistant toys
  • Socialize your lab
  • Play with your lab constantly


1. Give them regular exercise

Labs have an extensive amount of energy; they tend to be rather hyperactive and need constant exercise. Pending your pup, you may have to take your dog out for walks up to 3x/day on top of providing them with plenty of self-entertainment. You can help your dog get their maximum amount of exercise in the following ways:


  • Take them for walks/jogs/runs
  • Let them run free in a park (if they’re trained!)
  • Play fetch with them
  • Purchase interactive toys for them for when you’re not around

Give them regular exercise


2. Feed your lab a healthy diet

Taking care of your pups inside is just as important (if not more important) as taking care of their outside. Take your pooch to your local vet to test them for any food sensitivities they may have to determine the best diet for them. 


Some pups require a gluten-free diet while others require a preservative-free diet. Some labs don’t have any sensitivities at all, which is great, but you should always check before purchasing food for your pup!


3. Purchase chew-resistant toys

Larger dogs like labs tend to power through plush toys or even soft-rubber toys due to their large canines and powerful jaw strength. Don’t let your pups’ favourite toy be ruined in under 48 hours, purchase toys that are made to be chew-resistant. 


Chew-resistant toys are made of durable rubber or silicone that at most will see some puncture wounds and bite marks but won’t break down or be out of commission in a day!


Purchase chew-resistant toys


4. Socialize your lab

Labs are very social pups! They enjoy companionship and love to be around other dogs. Taking your lab to a local dog park will give them the opportunity to engage with other dogs and be themselves without any restrictions there would be in the home. Socializing your pup is great for their mental health and physical health as it will promote exercise and allow them the chance to make some new friends!


5. Play with your lab constantly

Labs are loving, social, and expressive. They crave attention and affection in all forms. Playing with your pup all throughout the day will make them feel loved and cared for while helping them remain physically active and happy! You’ll have to play around with different toys and activities to determine what your lab enjoys the most, but you can’t go wrong with a gold old-fashioned game of tug of war or chasing them around the house for a few minutes! 


A happy and healthy dog means a happy and healthy owner as well so keeping your lab happy and healthy should be of the utmost importance. Make sure you are feeding your pooch a healthy diet free of any personal allergies/sensitivities, keeping them active, and allowing them time to socialize with other pups!

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-- Pawrulz

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