We at Pawrulz believe in deeper bonds with our animal friends and wish to deepen the bond between your pet and you through our Animal Communicator service. We care for our pets and treat them as our family's cherished members. This is why we offer this extraordinary service to help you better understand and connect with your beloved pets on a deeper level.

What / Who is an animal communicator?

Animal Communicator is a special service that allows you to communicate with your pets on a deeper level. Our animal communicators are trained, very skilled and have experience in connecting telepathically with animals. When they connect telepathically with the pet, they help facilitate a two-way conversation between the pet and its owner/parent. Through this service, you can gain insights into your pet's thoughts, emotions, and needs, fostering a stronger and more meaningful relationship.

How does the Animal Communicator Service Work?

Understand Your Pets Better: Pet owners can gain a deeper understanding of their pet's thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This helps them analyse an existing problem or find the reason behind the sudden change in their pet's behaviour.

Improve and deepen the bond:Pet parents can communicate with their pets openly and honestly and this strengthens the bond between the two.

Insights on pet's behaviour:: Pet owners can use animal communication services to address various behavioural issues and challenges being faced by their pet. As they get to understand the root cause from the pet's perspective, the problem can be solved in no time.

For improved health and wellness:: Animal communicator service also helps vets and pet parents gain an insight into the health and well-being of the pet. This enables them to care for and support their pet in a better way.

Pet Communication Sessions

Unlock the voice of your beloved companion through intuitive connection and telepathic communication.

Behavior Consultations

Addressing behavioral concerns with compassion and insight, our consultations delve into the root causes of your pet's challenges.

Energy Healing Sessions

Harnessing the power of energy to promote holistic wellness, our healing sessions provide a gentle support to your pet.

Remote Sessions

Breaking barriers of distance, our remote sessions offer the same profound connection and transformative healing for your pet.

Shweta is a therapist and healer for both animals and humans. Her journey of understanding and connecting with animals began back in 2005 when Sir Bruno entered her life. He was a mixed breed pup abandoned by a breeder, and her family adopted him. Living with Bruno taught Shweta a valuable lesson that our surroundings often mirror what is happening in our lives. She then started noticing that animals around us reflect our emotional states.

This realization intrigued Shweta and sparked her interest in delving deeper into the psyche of both humans and animals. She then started her journey as a Telepathic Animal Communicator in the year 2016. Shortly after, she obtained certifications in Reiki and began practicing energy healing for animals and humans alike.

Specializing in therapy, healing, and animal communication, Shweta is committed to deepening her understanding of the profound connection between animals and humans


Animal Communicator Shweta

Connect Emotionally

Strengthen your bond with your pet by understanding their needs and desires on a deeper level, developing trust and harmony in your relationship.

Connect Emotionally

Improve Behaviour

Address and resolve behavioural issues effectively by uncovering the root cause through clear communication, leading to a happier and more balanced pet.

Improve Behaviour

Insights on Health

Detect and address health concerns early on by interpreting subtle cues and signals from your pet, promoting their overall well-being.

Insights on Health

Improved Understanding

Connect with your pet and improve understanding by knowing their thoughts and emotions, and develop a deeper bond with your furry companion.

Improved Understanding

Are you ready to connect with your animal companions?

If you are ready to experience the magic of Animal Communicator and deepen the bond with your pet, Pawrulz is here to help.

Get in touch with us and schedule a session with one of our animal communicators.

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